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“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – Doug Kessler

What is Content Marketing?

Skilful content marketing and content creation services is what separates the nobodycares.coms from the world’s premier digital destinations.

Producing a content strategy and writing content that’s consistently relevant, informative, SEO optimised and delivered in your brand’s best voice is both an art and a science. Read on to see how our content specialists can bring this winning combination to your business’ website – no matter what your product, service or field may be!

Writing Copy for Humans and Robots

The task of our Gold Coast content marketing specialists is to write content that appeals to both Google’s robots and its users – and this is no small feat!

Our content specialists are talented wordsmiths who have been specially trained to write for the online arena, focusing purely on digital marketing. With our help, your website will be loaded with content that’s:

Searchable – Recognised by Google’s algorithms

Readable – Enjoyable and interesting to read

Valuable – Meeting visitor’s search intent

Profitable – Steers readers towards fulfilling your business objectives

Content With Value and Purpose

Google is using one key factor to determine the worth of a website’s content: How much comparative value its web pages are delivering to the reader beyond blatant self-promotion.

When people search Google for a particular term or set of keywords, they are doing so with a specific intent in mind. This intent could be to locate a web page they already know about, find the answer to a question, or compare prices for a product or service.

We don’t write content for just anyone who happens to stumble onto it – our content writers know your audience, recognise their intent, and fulfil this need using the tone, vocabulary and approach that resonates most with your target market.

Why Search Engine Optimised Content Matters

Many businesses understand that their websites need content, but, underestimating the importance of search engine optimisation, they do what companies have always done when they need copy – they hire copywriters.

The problem is – with billions of words being uploaded to the internet every minute – without search engine optimised content, the most beautifully crafted and technically correct writing will never see the light of day.

Here at our content marketing agency in Gold Coast, our content writers know how to produce content that rises above the rest. This is made possible by combining our staff’s natural flair for writing with the application of well-researched SEO knowledge.

Content Creation Services

Still have unanswered questions and need to get in touch?

Your website’s core landing pages are the foundation that your whole campaign rests upon, which is why they’re our first content priority. Since this is the primary content people will see and read when assessing your business, a set of high-quality landing pages is one of the best investments in your business you can make.

We can:

  • Amend and improve existing landing page content and/or create entirely new landing pages from scratch.

When your landing pages are made correctly, they won’t need major revisions later down the track when new algorithms and updates are released. We do however revisit and refresh content down the track if necessary, pending performance reviews (e.g. ranking improvement, conversion optimisation) at no extra cost.

There are literally millions of blogs being produced every day, and with so many people blogging simply for the sake of blogging, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise.

However, a blog content strategy is essential. Why? Because blogs allow you to continue to improve your website’s authority/reputation and they are a unique opportunity to offer very specific value to your target market.

This is why once your website’s landing pages have been written, our attention turns to developing your blog strategy.

We create targeted blogs that:

  • Answer your audience’s intent: simply knowing how to write isn’t enough – you’ve got to know what to write, and to whom.
  • Are interesting, engaging and valuable – your audience will want to read and maybe even share the blogs with others.
  • Fit within your company’s overall business objectives

Our content marketing specialists develop blog content strategies and write blogs that work. Whether it’s a how-to guide, a list-style article, a formal piece for an industry publication, a product review, an interview, a magazine-style piece, or a bio that will increase your bottom line, we’ll make it happen.

When writing and sending out emails on behalf of your business, lots of thought and care should go into the message you want to put out there, who it is you’re reaching out to, and the kind of action you want the person to take after reading the email.

You don’t want your email to be too wordy either. The balance between content and design needs to be just right to create an interesting and engaging email. Plus, you’ll need an enticing subject line too that encourages people to actually click on the email and read it. Our content writers are skilled at getting all these elements right so that your email marketing campaign results in real returns for your business.

Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time consuming. What we do is help you focus on the areas that make a difference to you and your business.

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